Travel Bug

May 17, 2010

In the classroom!

The kids here go crazy for games...or rather the mere mention of the word!
Today we played 'fruitbowl' to learn and memorise the parts of the, instead of being apples, oranges etc they were eyes, ear, nose, mouth, hair and head!

These are my second and third grade classes, with a snap of my co-teacher looking decidedly bored for a Monday!




May 3, 2010

Children's Day!

South Korea indulges its little people with an entire day to celebrate their being.
More importantly, those of us who pretend to work are entitled to a day off! 
Kids are allowed to take a break from their ridiculous study schedules and enjoy being a child for a day...parents spoil them with presents and lollies and take them to amusement parks and to play outside. 
Up until the mid 1970's, the holiday was called 'Boys Day', and the name change came with it's recognition as a proper holiday...and therefore worthy of a day off. It is hardly matched by parents day, a holiday without a day off!
The holiday is on May 5th, and this year happens to be a scorching 30 degrees...a huge change from last Wednesdays 15 degrees!

While I welcome the holiday with open arms, I am grateful I don't have to share my day off with any little gremlins...other than Gaz and the dogs!