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February 4, 2010

Bargains, Buckets and Beaches!

Jan 22nd- Feb 2nd 2010
Bangkok, Ko Samui, Ko Phangan.

Gaz and I have just returned to Korea from 2 weeks in Thailand.
We spent 4 days in Bangkok visiting temples, shopping and testing the nightlife, 2 days on Ko Samui, and 5 on Ko Phangan for some sun and the well-known fullmoon party!

While in Bangkok we stayed right on the banks of the Chao Praya River, and in view of the rather stunning Rama Rd Bridge. While terming the accomodation a hotel leaves much to the imagination, the location left little to be desired...especially with the discovery of one talented Pad Thai chef and a large collection of puppies to amuse myself with!

Day trips around the city took us to Chatuchak (also known as the Weekend Markets), these are the largest in Thailand and one of the largest in the world covering a not so shabby 27 acres! That is, 27 acres of shoppers heaven! Despite many males aversions to shopping, Gaz was easily persuaded and came out with more purchases than me!

We headed to Patpong with Sam and Tash later that night to take a look at whether the infamous Ping Pong shows were more than just talk...definately more than a rumor! The question I would like answered is how on earth were such unique talents discovered???

Before leaving Bangkok we also visited our share of Wats, where the token "seen one, seen them all" is challenged.

Tripping down to the islands in the Gulf of Thailand (the opposite coast to Phuket) required a 12 hour and rather hellish bus ride, waiting at a bus stop at 5am, another bus ride and a completed, you are delivered safely to the island of Ko Samui! Beautiful, but very touristy and built up. We spent a night here, found Gaz's first decent pie- at $10, and took an island tour to see what they could offer, aside from the cuisine and beautiful beaches! Monkey shows, and rocks in the shape of a penis hardly made the cut...

After a night on Samui it was on to Phangan, an hours boat ride away to settle in to some serious beaching, eating and energy reservation for fullmoon night! We stayed on the north of the island, away from the hustle and bustle of Haad Rin (home of fullmoon party, Magic Mountain and many a bucket stall) at a cove called Haad Salad. Deservedly known as one of the islands more serene beaches and the scene of impressive sunsets!

Fullmoon night was something words cannot describe, and i won't attempt...I will say this-
I have never seen so many people committed to partying!
Bars and stages all down the beach had music blaring..nothing like the sound of trance, pop and DnB mingling. Stalls everywhere advertised various types of buckets (*see photo!). People offered to paint you, for a mere 500 baht ($20). Partiers of the male kind failed to make it to the bathroom, and choose the sea to urinate in. Pissing in unison takes on a new form. See for your self, We will be going back!

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