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February 15, 2010

Mia Teacher.

Classroom life is crazy!
I will most likely never ever want children after this year!
But there are some very cute and hilarious times at school!

* On learning about what we want to be when we grow up...

Me: "Hun Seo, what do you want to be when you grow up"

Hun Seo: "Sem, I want to be a soldier!"

Me: "You're six, get a grip!"

*On teaching the older children manners!

To ask for something in Korean, as in "i'd like the scissors please", they use "Juseyo"- this translates into "give me"...and as a result i have at least 30 children telling me to give them this and that! After a few days of this and much annoyance at how rude it sounds to me, I attempted to correct them!

Do yoon: "teacher give me paper"

Me: "not give me, rude! Say can i have..."

Do yoon: "okay, teacher can i have you?"

co-teacher: (in hysterics) Mia Mia tell Garry!


There are ups and downs to teaching, as with any job!
When a 5 year old masters the alphabet and phonics after only a week of class, when one of your students graduates- and you are painfully aware of the hammering their below average English is going to take in Middle School, and when students who already spend far too long studying manage to turn out amazing homework...
every little achievement for them makes it a much more valuable experience for you!

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