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June 8, 2010

Our Korean Wedding! 사랑합니다.

We went on a temple stay in Gimcheon at Jikjisa Temple last weekend! While we were there we were given a traditional Korean Royal Wedding Ceremony! The organisers wanted our group of teachers to experience what weddings were like, the ceremony, traditions and customs- Gaz and I were chosen because we're actually engaged! It was an awesome experience that is pretty hard to come by. We were dressed in costume- Hanboks, or in Korean 저고리 (the jacket), 치마 (the skirt) and interesting looking headpieces!

I was carried in a decorated wooden box that weighed 80kg by 4 guys in the scorching heat to a band of ajumas (older women) on drums! Garry lead the way, with his master servant carrying a sea bird representative of having only one true love in your life and being as one. When we reached the ceremony area we had a bowing mat on either side of the table, and were supported by our master servants (needed to keep the masses of material from tripping me up!). The bride had to bow twice each time, the groom only once. 

We then were poured soju in a wooden cup, and poured this 3 times on the ground for luck before drinking it! Then it was time to eat the foul tasting acorn jelly with giant sized chopsticks (not ideal for cutting...or gripping!). I absolutely hate the taste and slimy texture of it but was told if I want sons I had to eat it! At the end of the ceremony those in the crowd who knew we were actually a couple, and not just two unfortunate individuals participating in a show, wanted a kiss to seal the deal...slighly out of tradition, but the Ajumas loved it!

Sarang Heyo Gally-San!

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  1. Who is that stud in the korean micky mouse hat?