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October 4, 2009

Jagalchi - Busan


Always ending up in Busan on the weekend, and returning home having seen nothing other than 7-11's, rock n roll bar and a jjimjilbang was destroying everything, including the on the third visit to Busan, and Haeundae beach, a rather hungover Gaz and I ventured to the famous Jagalchi fish markets- apparently one of the largest in the region!

The markets were intense, bustling and amazing experience! Octopus being whacked and sliced while they're still alive, giant slabs of frozen 'fresh' squid peeled from blocks by tiny, deceptively strong old women. We shoved our way from end to end of the market, staring at the same foods on offer, to find lunch! After amazing flounder, a Korean fish, mussels and the usual side dishes, we were hangover free :)

The photos really do speak for themselves, excepting the charred beyond recognition seal :(

The unrecognisable remains of a seal :(

An amazing seafood lunch!

This is what happens to misbehaving fish- it got away, squirmed on the floor, and the woman took great delight in showing us how to punish.

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