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October 12, 2009

Another day, another dorrar...

1. Bumping into students/teachers while showering (naked ala Jimjilbang style) is an excellent way to further school relations. After a gym session I headed down to the sauna area, now finally used to showering with 20 other naked women, sharing the same bath, and chilling in the sauna with them, naked. This time I was greeted by a 3rd grade students, torn between sheer terror that teacher was naked, and excitement at the chance for me to meet the female side of the family. The latter won, and her mum wandered over. Nothing like a naked bow to really show some respect!

2. Korean glove fetishes. Gloves, like socks, are an integral part of Korean society! Bus and taxi drivers wear them (complete with shirt, and sometimes tie) to add to the service. Everyone who's anyone at the gym wear them (clearly not Gaz or I), whether doing weights or not. Supermarket staff wear them- reasons unknown...

3. Swine masks. See above.
All my students have them. Lucrative bullshit market I say- the kids take them off to eat, speak, and for any other excuse... As half of my school is down with swine, statistics would suggest the animal on the front is not doing its job.
I asked Gaz for a puppy, I got that ^.

4. School lunches. The Daegyo school caf gives O'Rorke a run for its money, in an Asian sort of way...
A sample of the days meal:
1. bowl of rice (they add things to it each day- sometimes kidney beans, it was fish eggs. bleh).
2. Some sort of soup (usually the most edible thing on the tray). Today- bean sprout, beef and kimchi.
3. Kimchi (help yourself to as much fermented cabbage as you please). Worrying when all I look forward to on the plate is Kimchi.
4. Meat/fish/fake meat/processed fish cakes. today- A special mix of the processed fish cakes, liver & rice sausage and carrot. mmmmm.
5. fried seaweed coated in rock sugar.
-------a particularly grim lunch hour-----------
On a good day---
1. bowl of rice- plain, thanks.
2.Soup, sans fish bones.
3. kimchi- it grows on you!
4.meat- pref beef, chicken or pork curry. Or mandu (dumplings!).
5. a non sugared vegie!

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