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November 25, 2009


-The general response from all students when asked how they are, despite 3 months of alternative emotions. It might be devoid of any feeling, but it's better than "fuck you".
The Korean education system loves uniformity, conformity and containment. Unfortunate that my personality clashes horribly with all three.

I truly wonder what difference i'm making here...same kids, 3 or more times a week for 4 months so far...acomplishments- on a good day they will recite me the alphabet, days of the week and 7 types of feelings all in a breath. On a good day...

I've never before met a child so incompetent at completing a wordfind or crossword. Oh, the frustration!
Nor have I been scolded over and over for attempting to teach them the English that the majority of the world uses...

"teacher why do you say banana, wrong wrong. banaanaa".
"teacher, what is autumn??"
"teacher you spell wrong- o not u!"

My attempts at Korean are the source of much entertainment. One day it's criticism for a severe lack of speech, the next it's laughter at the waegookin (foreigner) speaking the native language...

Thankfully, mother and father saw it reasonable to force us to learn chopstick skill as small children, I have mastered Korean eating. My fridge currently hosts 3 different containers (not entirely smellproof) of Kimchi. All gifts from well-wishing staff members under some illusion that i eat the fermented chilli cabbage on a thrice daily basis. On a dinner outing with kind man from gym, he comments on my garlic eating-

"huh, you like garlic?" (me)- "yes, we eat a bit of garlic at home aswell" (gym man) "ahh, garlic is Korean, very good for you" (me) "Yes, they use lots in Italian cooking..." (gym man) "You are Korean".

Excuse the mish-mash of a post- the master of all parcels from home has arrived- books to be read, and chocolate to enjoy!

What else....
Today is payday. Fantastic.
Tomorrow is puppy day. Best day ever!
Saturday- the day of the first Korean house party. Apologies in advance to the neighbours!
December 8th- My open class, where other teachers are invited (not my idea) to view and judge my methods of teaching. Shit.
December 11th- mid training in Seoul. Aka reunion of the Peeps and homies, and a free place to stay!
December 20th- a free trip to Muju ski resort! Thank you TaLK!
December 27th- Blair in Korea!
December 28th- Holidaying in the warmth of Cambodia!!!

photos soooooon!

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