Travel Bug

March 22, 2010

Home is where the heart is?

(For Nana)
Welcome to our (temporary) home. 

The Lounge.

The lounge pt 2. (Koreans love feature wallpaper).

The Kitchen. Sans oven, and therefore any ability to make pies.

Bedroom number 1.

Bedroom number 2. The junk room.

A drawing that hangs on our wall. Let me describe it for you...I am on the left, rushing to give Garry a present.
That's Gaz standing in the center, you can identify him by his extraordinarily hairy arms. The person on the right is rather confused by all this, she is also the artist.
This is Nunu. She's having a bad day, and living up to her nickname- Chewie.

1 comment:

  1. Love the drawing, especially Gaz's hairy arms...have the kids seen his chest though???

    Mia, I can see by the photos that the orange/red dress I sent you has had a good thrashing. How does it feel, at 21, to have your mother selecting your clothes for you?