Travel Bug

March 21, 2010

A winter Spring!

March 1st marks the first day of spring in SK (South Korea). Warmer weather, Sunny skies, a reason to ditch the scarf, hat and gloves, and yellow dust. On the 3rd day of spring it snowed. More snow than we were given throughout the entire, bitter winter. 

Woken up at 2am by an easily excitable Garry.

Bailing down the road to the bus stop!

The park on my walk to school.

From Daegyo Elementary across the field.

  Looking down to Oobang village from school.

*Yellow Dust is a major side-effect of the spring season in SK. The term is used to explain what starts as dust and dirt clouds from the Gobi Desert in Northern China and Mongolia. The dust clouds are made a lot worse from the high level of pollution in China (caused mainly by rapid deforestation). Because of the reasonably close proximity of SK to China, the dust effect is worst here- it triggers allergies and worsens asthmatic conditions. For your average person it means swallowing lung fulls of over polluted air, cleaning the dust out of your house/car and wearing a mask similar to the Swine mask on a daily basis! We've been told it clears up in the end of April, but like winter, we will see!
An example of yellow dust 'high season'- low visibility and yellow skies!


  1. ohhhh i hear its ridiculously cold. my dad tells me its the first time its snowed in april in several hundred years. craazy!