Travel Bug

March 31, 2010

My dog speaks Korean.

Here are a few useful terms...

Hangul Mal Mothayeo - I can't speak Korean.
Hangul Mal choggum- I only speak a little Korean.
Morugessoyo- I don't know.
Mian Hamnida- I'm Sorry.
Iriwa- come here.
Kah Chu-leh- Will you please go away.
Cheori Ga- Go away/ get out of my face.
Chae Shik Ju ija- Vegetarian.
Iirim moyeoh?- what's your name?
Wea? - Why?
Ottoh Gae- How?
Nugu?- Who?
Onje?- When?
Muat?- What
Muat Ibniga?- What is this/that?

(Thanks Isabel!)


  1. hehe for a sec i really thought your dog spoke korean. i was excited.

    just a few things :)
    Hangul MaL MotHayeo - I can't speak korean.
    Morugessoyo- I don't know.
    Kah Chu-leh- Will you go away?
    Cheori Ga- Go away/get out of my face.
    Chae Shik Ju ija- i actually didn't know this one, i learnt it from ur blog haha
    Ottoh Gae?- How?

    i will write you a letter in korean :)

  2. Haha Ah she does speak Korean! Or at least that's the only language she understands!!
    Thank you for the corrections! I've finally started learning Korean properly- as in out of a book!