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April 16, 2010

Chopsticks for Lunchie.

School lunches in the Daegyo Caf are a daily challenge...
Sometimes its amazing for $1.50 a day, and at other times I wonder what goes through their heads when writing the menu! Squid soup, squid fritters AND octopus salad- ugh!
The days when they give us the stalk of a vegetable, rather than the vegie itself reminds me of O'Rorke...
Day One: There is always a soup and rice.
On this occasion we had Kimchi Jjigae (kimchi soup), Black beans, cherry tomatoes, and tangsu yuk (similar to sweet and sour pork!) 6.5/10

Day Two: Rice, Chicken & Radish soup, Hot pepper paste, some sort of edible tree, grated potato & bacon & Fish with all the bones in it. 5/10 due to eating obstacles.

Day Three: Rice with fish eggs, Beef Soup, Kimchi & Fish cakes, Fish with tartare sauce, cucumber & chives. 7/10

Day Four:  Rice, Bean sprout soup, Samgupsal, spicy lettuce salad, doenjjang paste (soy bean paste) and lettuce to wrap the meat in! 9.5/10

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